The mobile court from Topflor are the ideal sport courts for your badminton game. Whether for trainings or competitions, the courts will always provide you with an excellent stand.

  • Mobile badminton court.
  • Single colour surface structure.
  • Shock and impact absorbing properties.
  • Made from high quality material.
  • BWF ( Badminton World Federation ) Approved.


  • Special surface completely prevents slipping.
  • PUR coating minimized cleaning requirements, scratch resistant.
  • Single colour surface structure.
  • With yellow/white lines for good contrast and better overview.
  • Excellent protection against scratches, sole and rubber marks.


  • Substrate must be flat and dry.
  • Permanent: the underside is fixed by glue, the court is no longer mobile.
  • Portable: the court remains mobile and can be transported at any time.


  • Installation of doormat at the entrance of the gymnasium to catch humidity, dust, dirt etc.
  • usage of appropiate shoe white soles dedicated to indoor sports practice.
  • Remove dust by sweeping once a day.
  • Wipe the court with a damp cloth once a week.
  • Neutral detergent or alkalin detergent if soled.


  • Roll up with the available cardboard roll after use.
  • Court must be rolled up tightly and without crease.
  • Same must be packed with protection.
  • Courts must be stored in a dry place.


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