Outdoor Floors with vertical shock absorption are now a reality. With Patmos Flex you can ally water drainage with comfort and safety.

Why Modular Floors?

  • It’s the solution that provides greater economy, ease and speed of installation;
  • Composed by tiles with easy to mount / dismantle fittings, they are suited to any type of rigid or flat surface;
  • Without using glues, they become removable and portable to other spaces;
  • Easy and quick replacement of tiles in case of an accident;
  • Easy placement of advertising, by simply changing the modules;
  • Suitable for various types of sports (including basketball and roller sports);
  • No maintenance costs and 15 years of direct manufacturer warranty;
  • Best price / quality ratio in the market;

Naxos Family

The first modular flooring in the world was designed to provide comfort and safety to the players. The Naxos range is suitable for indoor sports areas. Combines durability and resistance to aesthetics and portability.

Range Features

General Features

The 25 cm x 25 cm polypropylene tiles fit perfectly like a puzzle. They can be installed on any flat surface and have matt finish (no gloss) to avoid reflections. Versatility and grip are other strong points. The male / female locking points ensure stability. The micro textures of the surface guarantee a perfect level of grip to any modality. Find here the best sports solution in the Naxos Range.

Naxos Sport Evolution

After performing several tests, have to be at least…4 millimeters. This is the thickness of the Naxos underlayment. Together with the floor, allow it to reduce the impacts and the injuries of the athletes. Without compromising an appropriate level of comfort. 4 Millimeters are not 2 or 3. And that will make all the difference for the players.

Naxos Air Evolution

The biomechanical underlayment, with air-box, enhances the performance of athletes and minimizes impacts on joints.

Naxos Flex

The best option if you are looking fot extra comfort. The reason is a foam base developed to cushion the athlete´s steps. And the ball bounce was not ignored. It’s suitable for spaces with high levels of humidity.

Technical Characteristics

Dimensions of each tile : 25 x 25 x 1,1 cm

Flatness : 0.0 mm

Solvent Resistance : Excellent

Receptiviness to painting : Very Good

Lateral Remission : between 0.0 e 1.2 mm

Tiles Fixation : 7 male/female connecting points

Application : On a solid, flat surface. Without using any type of glue.


This floor offers multiple choices in size, color, marking of sports lines and shape, allowing advertising and directly on the floor itself. Use our service of marking sports lines and receive your floor with the markings already made at the factory.

Naxos is certified, approved and tested by:

  • Internat. Handball Fed.
  • Internat. Tennis Table Fed.
  • European Norms EN14904
  • Patented Product
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