Outdoor Floors with vertical shock absorption are now a reality. With Patmos Flex you can ally water drainage with comfort and safety.

Why Modular Floors?

  • It´s the solution that provides you with the most savings, easiness and quickness in installation;

  • Composed of modules with easy install / uninstall connecting points, that can be used in any kind of flat and rigid surface;

  • With no glues required they became moveable e portable to any other areas;

  • Easy and quick replacing of modules in the event of any kind of damage;

  • Easy placing of advertising, through simple exchange of modules;

  • Recommended for the practice of many sports (from basketball to roller skates sports);

  • No maintenance costs and 15 years of real maintenance assured by the manufacturer;

  • Best cost / quality relation in the market.

Patmos Family

Outdoor water drainage as never seen before in sports surfaces. That´s the welcoming card of the Patmos range. The 100% Portuguese manufactured floor was concebed to improve the outdoor sports practice.

Range Features

Main Features

The square modules that compose the outdoor modular floor have a low level of abrasion, minimizing the effort of those who step on them. Colours also won´t ever be a problem with the Patmos range, due to the wide variety of options. Choose the colour and the range that best fits your outdoor multisport court.

Patmos Evolution

Rain, humidity, flooded courts and cancelled games. Forget about these scenarios because Patmos Evolution was designed to drain water in the quickest way. Due to the development of a single web, your outdoor sport court it´s always ready to play.

Patmos Flex

Flex as in flexibility and comfort. All this thanks to the use of a uniform foam underlayer in all of the court. Weird and unpredictable ball rebounds or completely flooded courts are really a thing of the past

Technical Characteristics

Dimensions of each tile : 25x25x1.1 cm

Flatness : 0.0 mm

Solvent Resistance : Excellent

Receptiviness to painting : Very Good

Lateral Remission : between 0.0 e 1.2 mm

Tiles Fixation : 7 male/female connecting points

Application : Over a solid and flate surface for good water drainage


This floor provides you multiple options in size, colour, line markings and shape, giving you the chance to advertise directly on your own floor. Make use of our line marking services and get your floor with the markings already done.

Naxos is certified, approved and tested by:

  • TF – Int. Tennis Federation
  • European Norms EN14904
  • Patented Product
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